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Archive old emails

I’d like to be able to archive emails, causing them to move into their own UI view and stop being updated in any way (no new pending, etc.). Archived emails should RETAIN all click data, etc.

This would be useful in helping assess the success of email design over time (and harvesting content from old ones) while de-cluttering the interface.

How do I vote for this? Although I’m not sure this would change anything…

Good question. Since there doesn’t seem to be an official “vote” like on GitHub, I’d assume by chiming in with a comment–which you did. I’m not sure how this forum is meant to be better than Github, since Github is pretty much the world standard for this exact application, but whatever.

Please do this feature. It’s slowly making mautic unusable.

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So it’s not just me being dumb, the vote link seems not to be there for other people as well. I vote for this. (Some requests have different number of votes and replies so there must be a separate vote link lurking somewhere…)

Just adding a link for reference to the original Github issue here: which was referring to being able to archive old resources.

There is now a voting option on the Community Forums - just log in and click the vote button at the top of the thread :slight_smile:

I concur. It would make it so much easier if I can archive emails rather than deleting data that might be useful for assessment.

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There really shouldn’t be a pending queue of unprocessed items after an email has been sent. This is somewhat of a UI issue and not an archival issue. Why display the count of unsent contacts? There should be a status complete that can be applied in order to no longer display these counts.