Form injection into none "Mautic Landing" page via JS?

Your software
Its a new setup so im assuming latest

Your problem
We want to inject a mautic form into articles on a site e.g. after the 4th paragraph.
We want to automate. We could do this via GTM but then that requires GTM access. Ideally we have this happen in the form itself so it knows that it should inject itself for a given domain etc and after the nth para where url contains /article/. Lets say we can do all the checking and insertion logic in javascript - is it possible to do this just within the Mautic tool itself for the form somehow?

I have read the Managing Forms in the doco under Components and it says “you can have the form injected dynamically using the provided javascript.” but i cant find out any more information.


Hi @adiefatlady,

I believe it’s not possible to achieve that with Mautic’s native form configurations. Mautic provides the form you’ve created, but if you want that form to appear in a specific area of your article, it needs to be done on the website side and not directly within Mautic. What you probably need to do is develop a custom script for your specific problem.

However, you can indeed add JavaScript inside the form using the HTML Block. If you’re familiar with Mautic themes, you can also create a custom theme and add scripts inside them.

I hope this information helps.
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Many thanks Ricardo.
I will look into the HTML option and see what’s possible.