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Fresh Mautic 3 install but trouble enabling Zapier, emptying cache, etc


Installation was a breeze. No problems with the basic settings either.
But now it comes down to specifics: Zapier integration: I followed the steps, but I cannont get passed the " Allow Zapier to access your MauticAccount?" screen:

We hit an error adding your new account

authentication failed: Requested URL not found: /mtc/api/contacts?limit=1&minimal=1

I also tried enabling LinkedIn, no luck there either – though I did read that that is a bug and we’re waiting for an API upgrade to v2.

I also tried activating the 2FA community plugin – no luck there either. It’s not even found.

“Clean up the cache” is what is recommended. But cache is not inside /apps it’s now inside /var and when I nuke the directory, the whole installation goes down.
“Cleaning from console” , ok console is now in /bin so I SSH and execute php bin/console cache:clear


// Clearing the cache for the prod environment with debug false

In ClassExistenceResource.php line 181:

Class “Mautic\CoreBundle\EventListener\CommonSubscriber” not found while loading “MauticPlugin\Hostnet

I’m almost bald from pulling my hair! Please hlpe me out Mautic gurus?


LinkedIn indeed will not work at present.

2FA community plugin I don’t know about - can you give more detail? What plugin are you referring to? If it is the one below, possibly it does not support Mautic 3 yet.

Clean the cache causing the instance to go down - this is almost always a permissions issue where the folder cannot be recreated - see

This does not seem familiar to me - is this a third party plugin you are trying to use? If so, entirely possible it is not Mautic 3 compatible?

Hi Ruth,

Thanks for your swift reply, I appreciate your help.
The 2FA plugin is a Google Authenticator plugin (the folder is named AuthBundle).

The last development was 2 years ago according to Github.
I did contact the creator, but haven’t heard back (yet).

Your suspicions were correct, when I removed the plugin the error when trying to clean the cache disappeared :slight_smile:
Though I must say that the documentation needs an update, because I could only clean cache from the console and not by deleting the contents of the cache folder.

Now that this is solved, I still am looking for some login security. I’ve looked into the SAML SSO Settings but cannot figure out how to use it. :frowning:

Any pointers would be helpful.