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Marketing Team definition & call for members

Based on the work carried out in the Mautic Community Summit last week to implement the proposed Governance Structure, please find below the definition for the Marketing Team.

Would you like to be involved in this team? Add a comment on this thread!

The first meeting will be held at 1500hrs UTC on Thursday, 21st November 2019.

Mission and expectations

To promote Mautic to new and potential users and develop an awareness of the Open Source project

The Mautic marketing team is responsible for spreading the Mautic Story in general and notify the community about changes made in the product. The goal for this is to keep the existing community active and involved and gain interest of new possible users and make them enthusiastic about Mautic.

Marketing Message

  • Know market shares and competition
  • Understand the real competitive positionings
    • Features that are actually important for users (existing or missing in Mautic)
    • Features that are important for marketing
    • Future topics (AI, etc)
  • Understand values, refine Mautic USPs
  • Define communication focus points with messaging strategy and core messages
  • Provide input to Product Team (regarding view on features)

Marketing Channels and tasks

  • Website
    • Ownership of content
    • Make and secure content strategy, analyze it and propose changes
    • Writing content for (landing) pages
    • Writing blogs on a regular basis
    • Monitor SEO rankings, track opportunities, propose changes to the copywriters
    • Analyse website data and provide actionable insights.
    • Support guests (others than members of this team) to post on the website
  • Social Media
    • Post posts/stories, show that Mautic is an actively developed and used Marketing Automation tool. Inspire followers with use cases, examples, etc.
    • Moderate/Respond comments. Grow followers
  • Newsletter
    • Sending out newsletters on a regular basis. Keep existing users involved, inspire them and notify them on (upcoming) changes.
  • Other
    • Provide marketing basics and templates to others

Profiles of contributors needed in this team

The marketing team needs the following skills and expertise:

  • Digital Marketing Strategists
  • Designers
  • Copywriters
  • SEOs
  • Social Media Management

Would you like to be involved in this team?

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:calendar: The first meeting will be held at 1500hrs UTC on Thursday, 21st November 2019.

:white_check_mark: Please provide your availability on this Doodle poll.

:telephone_receiver: The call will be on Jitsi using this persistent URL:

I would like to be involved with the Marketing Team.

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That’s fantastic to hear! Can you give your availability on the doodle poll on the post above?

Thanks for stepping up!

Working on it. Can you give me an idea of how many meetings would be expected per week?

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The doodle poll is just to determine the first meeting date. I made a whole bunch of times available in a hope it would provide flexibility for timezones, working hours and so forth. Appreciate it’s a bit overwhelming!

Teams can then decide how often the working groups need to meet. Some might meet once a week, others maybe fortnightly or even monthly.

It depends really on the projects underway, and therefore how often meetings need to happen. It’s super flexible and open for discussion at this stage!

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Not sure if this is a default setting that can be adjusted by you, but there were over 90 slots to be marked and Doodle checked them all green for me by default. It didn’t give me an obvious or easy way to clear them. So that was somewhat user-unfriendly. :wink:

Urgh! I use the calendar mode, so not sure it shows the same. I had only done a week and a half but we were delayed getting the blog post out, hence more slots! Sorry for the hassle, I’ll see if I can change any settings!

I’m willing to help out and learn more about marketing.

Hey! I would like to help wherever I can :slight_smile:

I could help tanslating/spreading everything into spanish -> Spain & LATAM areas.

I’ve chosen Thursday 21st at 3pm as the best option from those giving availability.

I guess that’s 3 pm LONDON time :slight_smile:
-> ok, I’m in!

I’d be very interested in helping the community with marketing and raising awareness.

I’m on Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8) so a little later would be better, if possible.

@luislago @Prodigitude you both have 1800hrs UK time marked as ‘if needs be’ on Thursday 21st November, and @ekke @floris I don’t have your availability.

Would you be able to make that time (check in your timezone here) so that we could involve @mike-accentdm in the call?

sorry, doesn’t work for me - 3pm gmt is in fact the latest option on the 21st.
But I’d love to see @mike-accentdm on board, so let’s figure out something!

Normally I would prefer anything after 16:00 UTC but if 15:00 UK time is the only time that works for everyone else, I can do it.

Hi Ruth and all. Sorry I said that I could attend but I won’t, unexpected meetings came in this week.

@rcheesley Can you confirm if we’re on for 13:00 UTC on Nov 21?

Let’s go for the original time of 1500hrs UTC. I will record the call in the event that people can’t attend.

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Here’s a proposed agenda for the meeting:

  1. Introductions
  2. Overview of the governance model & where this team fits
  3. Review the team definition
  4. Discussion on areas to focus on, working groups, etc
  5. Determining team and working group structures
  6. AOB
  7. Set next meeting date

Features that will be interested for Thailand. is
Make Mautic working with LineOA

  • Line Login
  • Messaging API
  • Line Notify