One installation, few domain and websites

My Mautic version is: 2.15.1
My PHP version is: 7

At the beginning I would like to thank you for the forum and lots of useful information.
We are thinking of implementing Mautic in our small company.

However, I have a question that I have not found the answer to.
Please help, if it’s not a problem, potentially this is an idea for a new film or blog post :wink:

We have 3 pages on 3 different domains - company page - small page, only company information and contact - company blog - calculator for users

If I would like to measure all 3 pages and collect data from users, then I should:
a) have three different Mautic installations, one per domain
b) install Mautic in e.g. and track/collect everything from one installation?

How can you tell where a user/contact is and what domain/service it comes from?

If I get data from external campaign on or, I do not want to send, notification from (system) or, but only

If I get data from external campaign on or, I do want to send, notification from or Can we choice a domain for e-mail addres ex. o

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Still need help :frowning:

Hi @mojo and welcome to the Mautic Community Forums! I’m glad to hear you’ve found them useful so far!

My understanding is that you have three separate domains, and you want to be able to track visitors across all three, but also to be able to identify which domain or service they came from. You also want to be able to send out emails related to the domain where the lead is generated using the appropriate domain name.

I have a sense that this might require a multi-tenency setup which is not something supported in core, but I will ask some community members who have more familiarity with that to chime in.

Hi @rcheesley :wink:

Thx for replay.

This is exacly, what I need.
The idea of recognition is simple.
To each form we can add a hidden field with the domain name where the form is. However, we cannot track and assign guests to a specific domain :frowning:
Thus, inserting 1 code into 3 different domains will slightly spoil the results.

This is exacly, what I need.
We can always use the hidden tag of a given domain, but this greatly complicates management and communication.

Great, thank you for your help

We need:
1 instalation.
3 diffrent domains
3 diffrent e-mails for communications and replays message

Is it possible?
If yes, then how to do it?
If not, then I must install 3 diffrent instalations. How to integrate them?

I think Mautic is great, but it’s rather dedicated to customers with one domain. If there are more of them, then it becomes a serious challenge.

Honestly, I don’t know. I know that offers Maestro which allows you to manage multiple instances. There are some community attempts to offer something like this, but I don’t have experience of them personally. Maybe @kuzmany might have something to add to this discussion?

Thank you. I will see the Maestro offer

The problem you have here is that, as you just mentioned, Mautic is meant for just one domain (out of the box).

These are some possible solutions:

  • Modify the Mautic code so it understands multiple sites. This is the only way you’re gonna get exactly what you want, but it’s difficult / expensive (hundreds of development hours)

  • Reduce your requirements and find other ways to do what you want. Use Mautic as is and find other ways to accomplish your objective.

  • Use external Application to merge your statistics. That is use 3 or any number of Mautic installations, then use something like Matomo or even Prometheus/Graphana to unify your statistics from all three Mautic instances and optionally send the data back to Mautic after the merging. While it might look complex if you don’t know the tools, it’s much simpler than re-writing half of the Mautic core, that’s for sure.

  • Write a Mautic plugin or external (to Mautic) code that merges the data from the 3 Mautic instances and sends it to a 4th Mautic installation. The 4th Mautic would take care of anything related to merged data. This one looks much simpler, but writing new code rarely is simpler than using existing tools.

@mojo check this blog post, it might help get you started with multiple mautic instances:

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@Yosu_Cadilla, thank you.
I will check the described possibilities

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I am looking at something similar, but mine is that I am not interested in knowing where they came from. I just want to be able to use Ninja Form on each of my website, Map it with Mautic Form and create different segmants, with each segmwnt representing one website. I have done this already, but I am trying to set up Drip email campaigns and double optin

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