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Social Media and AdTech

This topic is to track the feature “Social Media and AdTech” on the Mautic Roadmap. Please leave a comment with what you think should be included in this feature.

Hello! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if this is viewed as “delivered” as it was scheduled for last month, however I’d love to see capabilities along the lines of or similar in Mautic when it comes to Social Media.

The concept is that when I create a new campaign I should be able to schedule social media posts on my public accounts (i.e. not targeted at a specific customer) in the same way that I can send emails to my existing contacts.

I’d see this as being broken down into multiple stages for development:

  1. The ability to schedule social media posts on a selection of platforms (I’d suggest Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn as the “starting” platforms, with the ability to add more platforms in future via some kind of “plugin” interface?)
  2. The ability to pull stats about the post performance back into Mautic so they can be tracked in the same way as email opens/clicks/etc
  3. The ability to link interactions with the post back to existing customers/contacts
  4. The ability to create new contacts based on the interactions with the post

This would allow for a campaign to have “broadcast” as well as “targeted” marketing, with rules applied to contacts as they interact with us via email or social media.


My idea is:
Mautic could have a section where one would post to all the important social media networks with a schedule. Also posting one post+image/video to several networks at once would be nice.
Might be a nice idea for Mautic 3 or 3.1?

I think these groups of people would benefit from this idea:
Absolutely everybody.

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Yea yea its cools i woud love it right now too
but i would want mautic to fix all bugs in its main marketing automation features before taking on another project entirely.
Offcourse they can do this if it won’t be buggy at launch because it will attract many basic users who might cry out if its not working as they expected it to do.

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I missed this post originally, but there’s more than just you two who are after this: Social Media and AdTech

I agree it would be a great feature to have!

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Thanks for flagging the duplicate threads, I have now merged them!