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Any Israelis in the crowd? who is down for a meetup?

Hi, please reply on this thread or send me a PM if you are in Israel AND If you are a fan of mautic or if you want to share your experience and expand your knowledge

I’ve been using Mautic for about two years now, and loving it. Let’s talk

Hey Omer, great to hear from you. Also from Israel and been using Mautic - loving it.

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I’ve moved this to a new category #international-by-country:mautic-in-israel FYI :slight_smile:

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thanks @rcheesley :slight_smile:

Hi @mikew, congrats, we’re the 1st two members of the Isareli mautic community :israel:

if 2 is considered enough for a meetup, let’s have a beer

Hi Omer, another Omer and a fellow Mautician here :). I’ve been providing support and consultency services for Mautic in Israel for the past two years. Would be happy to provide from my knowledge and experience here. Cheers

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Hi, I am also in Israel, and have been using Mautic for half a year. Still struggling sometimes. I’d gladly attend at any mautic meetup you’re up to.

Hey @OmerGafny + @girl_mood - any assistance you might need happy to help out on questions and provide solutions.

I am interested in understanding how you find the Hebrew support and RTL within Mautic - got any good hacks ? I am an English speaker and service mainly international clients, however we do have a handful of Israeli clients and to be honest the theme’ing of mails, forms etc… is a little frustrating especially with companies that have English names and use those in Hebrew senates :slight_smile:

As mentioned above happy to help out - I am a seasoned Mautic user and am pretty well versed in all components it offers

Hi mikew, you can create your own version of Mautic templates that support RTL (By creating custom theme)

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I’m using Mautic only for emails and creating only email templates. So I just create new clean template and make it in html, the same for rtl.

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