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Cookies issue

Ah!!! And one more thing:

You also have to delete the same in localStorage. Ex localStorage.deleteItem(“mtc_id”)

Hi @vicampuzano

Thanks for sharing your solution.
But is there any other way for achieving this without editing the mautic code.
Like can we do it with clearing the mautic cookies or local storage data from client browser programmatically ?
I tried that but not didn’t make it work.
Any thoughts on this approach ?

it won’t be possible to achieve it through client browser as the cookie is set by out mautic instance. So not possible to delete using client side javascript. I tried. It was deleteing other cookies, but not the ones set by mautic (where source is your mautic domain)

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oh my god!
Thank a lot for your help. will try this and update you. But this seems it will work.
Thanks a lot again.
Also, are you a developer in Mautic?
or just god :stuck_out_tongue:

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yes, this I was doing earlier too. thank you again

Jajaja. Nooope, just a lucky and stubborn guy :joy: