CORS Problems out of the Blue

I have now taken the tracking code and put it on a different site that I know is tracking and I still get this error:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 () mtcevent

@joeyk ?

What is the event? Vanilla tracking code?

Does this point you any closer to your goal?
A new default Referrer-Policy for Chrome - strict-origin-when-cross-origin - Chrome Developers.

If you are getting error 500, I would check the ngnix error log. It may tell you something in there.

That error log would be part of the ngnix log on the server which is not part of Mautic. You would probably would need to ask your server administrator to give you the copy of the error log if you don’t have root access.

Firstly thank you for everyone that tried to she some light on the matter and help out here.

We found the problem and I have to say it was my fault.

A long time ago we installed the MakeWebBetter plugin and this plugin on Wordpress went and created a ton of new custom fields which inevitably caused issues with creating new fields.

When I wanted to add new fields I would have to go and delete one of the custom fields and my issue was I went and did this inside the database by dropping a column using the command

alter tables leads drop column mob_whatever

This in turn started causing the error, and I must have done this about two weeks ago, and what happened was when Mautic went and wanted to create a new lead it would not find the correct column and was throwing a CRITICAL error that I simply ignored:

Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'mwb_newsletter_subs' in 'field lis

SO what I did was go into custom fields and delete these fields, and everything was working again.

No idea what the CORS error was and why it was throwing that, but this is what fixed up the problem.

It was a very uncomfortable day but I learnt a good lesson - Keep Calm and Read The Logs! Try and understand and isolate the issue.


Glad you got it all sorted and thanks for sharing the solution!

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I think we need to make this into a tshirt for the swag shop! Glad you got it sorted!

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