GrapesJS plugin: Templates Manager

The Templates Manager is a plugin for GrapesJS that allows users to quickly and easily add pre-designed templates to their web pages. With this plugin, users can choose from a variety of templates and customize them to fit their needs, saving time and effort in the design process. The Templates Manager supports both local and remote data loading, and includes options for customizing the position and appearance of the templates in the interface.

  • Options:
    • appendTo: The position where the templates will be added in the interface. This can be set to any block using a class or ID selector, e.g., appendTo: ‘.class-div’ or appendTo: ‘#id-div’.
    • templatesType: The type of data loading. It can be set to either “local” or “remote”.
    • templatesUrl: The URL where the templates data is located. This can be either a local or remote URL. The default value is /templates/templates.json.
    • useSearch: This option allows users to show or hide the search box for the templates. If set to true, a search box will be displayed. If set to false, it will be hidden.

For creating pages inside require to use plugin: Pages manager then you will able to create sctructure with designs:

  • index
  • blog
  • contact us
  • etc…


More details: