How do i authorize with PIN in twitter?

Your software
My Mautic version is: Latest
My PHP version is: 5.7
My Database type and version is:

While authorizing the Twitter API app, I am getting one PIN to complete the authorization. I am not sure where to enter this pin to complete the Twitter API authorization.

Does anyone facing the same issue?

If anyone can help in this, it would be of great help.

Thank you in advance.

I may be answering the wrong question here…

We had to go through an application process with Twitter to get our app approved. That unlocked a large amount of features and access to Twitter’s API that are beyond “entry level” for developers.

I guess you’ve already been to the developer’s dashboard in twitter and created your app?


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Please have a look at:

Nobody has managed to make an update to the documentation as yet - if you’d like to I’m happy to walk through how!