😱 I can't believe it's not Friday yet ... oh wait

Here we are again, my favourite day of the week! You guessed it, Open Source Friday!

It’s no secret - everyone in the Mautic Community can play a valuable part in making Mautic even more awesome, and that includes you! :sparkling_heart:

Every Friday we come together in the Mautic Community to test bug fixes, features and improvements to Mautic, and work on fixing any current issues that have been reported. Other teams are also working on projects from Marketing to Education to Community!

It’s a great way to give something back to Mautic, even if you only have an hour.

We’re here to help you get started however you want to contribute, just drop us a message on Slack in #contribution or reach out to me directly.

Product Team

Mautic users

Pretty much all bug fixes, features and improvements can be tested fully in the browser thanks to our integration with Gitpod, making it very quick and easy to test.

If you prefer a video, fear not, here’s one I prepared just for you!

Every single bug fix and feature in Mautic will have been tested by at least two people just like you - users of Mautic, who give a bit of their time back to help Mautic.

Check the fixes, features and enhancements that need testing here: Open Source Friday 24/03/2023 Β· Issue #12117 Β· mautic/mautic Β· GitHub - today we have also separated them out by complexity, so that you can quickly find good ones to get started with.


If you are a developer, we have some bugs that we would like to look into (check the issue queue on GitHub), and we also have some tasks to get started with for our Symfony 5 upgrade. Drop us a line in Slack to find out where you can help!

How to get involved

If you have some time available on Friday, please join us in Slack in #t-product. We will help you to get started and walk through your first tests until you are confident.

Here is the list of things that we want to focus on today:

Marketing Team

Planning our April newsletter

Help us to prepare our monthly newsletter which will be sent on 1st April - only a few days away! - we have lots of ways you can help from writing to creating designs, translating and proof reading. Join #wg-mautic-newsletter and help us get started!

Articles for the blog

Do you have a great topic that you would like to share with our community about marketing, Mautic, or any related topics? We’d love to hear from you! We can help with proofreading and editing and we have some topics we would like to write on if you need some inspiration!

Write a review

We would value your review on either G2 or Trust Radius - it really helps when people are considering whether to use Mautic to read reviews from other users.

Calling Wikipedia editors!

We are struggling to have our Wikipedia page created - we would value help from experienced Wikipedia editors to assist with this!

Want to get involved? Join us in #t-marketing on Slack!

Education Team

Writing and translating articles for the Knowledgebase

We already have the KB in English, German, and Portuguese. We’d love to have more articles and more languages! Want to help? Join #contribution and #t-education on Slack and we can get you set up! Here’s how to write articles as a starting point.

Translating the new end-user documentation

We are planning to make the new end-user documentation available in several languages, but we need your help to make that happen!

Currently we have Brazilian Portuguese in progress and Italian about to start. We need both translators and reviewers - you can do both (translate, and then review the translations that others have done).

It’s all done through our existing translation platform, Transifex. If you’re already on the translating team, then you can jump right in! Need an invite? Drop me a message and let me know your username.

Community Team

Mautic Conference Global 2023!

If you missed the news, where have you been? Mautic Conference Global is back on 21-22 June fully online and we are building a team to support the event. Read more about the roles we need to fill, and join #mauticon on Slack to get involved!

Local meetups

Want to organise a local meetup or event about Mautic? We’d love to hear from you! Drop into #t-community and we can help you get started!

Legal & Finance team

It’s that time again … budgeting time! We will be reviewing the financial situation, determining our current and forecasted position, and preparing our 2023 budget for approval by the Mautic Community Council. Join #t-legal-finance to get involved!

Can’t give time?

If you can’t give time or resources, you can always give financially!

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