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Invitation to represent Mautic in Germany

Below invitation from @luckow to attend Cloudfest and represent Mautic - would anybody be interested? I will be away at SXSW so I can’t make it.

Together with the Cloudfest team, CMS Garden organises a kind of conference during the Cloudfest trade fair. In recent years, our main focus has been on topics related to content management systems. This year we would invite our friends from other communities to meet in real for a few days in March and help other people understand what our software can do.

That is why we have created It takes place in Europapark Rust, Germany, from 17. - 19. March 2020.

If you would like to participate in this event, please think of up to two people. IMHO one with a deeper technical understanding (e.g. for workshops / master classes) and one with more marketing/sales skills (e.g. for discussions with the main hosting providers who are exhibitors at the Cloudfest trade show).

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Hi Ruth, I’m in contact with @luckow and saved the date. Will try to find out more about the audience so this is a good way to promote Mautic at the event.

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Ah, sad news :frowning: thanks for your efforts all the same!

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