⏰ Last chance to book your crash-course in Mautic!

Hey folks! Today’s your last chance to book on the amazing training course provided by Friendly, the Mautic Conference Global 2023 Training Sponsors.

It’s a 3 hour training webinar with an hour’s follow up 121.

But this isn’t just some boring webinar where you can snooze at your desk. :sleeping: : Oh no!

In this training session you will be getting hands on, working with your own imaginary business website and your own specially created Mautic instance. You’ll go through the real-world challenges that marketers face, and learn how Mautic helps to address them.

You’ll be learning:

  • Creating cold campaigns :rocket:
  • Connecting Mautic with WooCommerce :rocket:
  • Creating recurring product campaigns :rocket:
  • Creating and sending newsletters :rocket:
  • Tracking :rocket:
  • Sending emails effectively :rocket:

There are only 12 places in total on this training course, and many of them are already reserved, so this is your last chance to book onto a highly interactive, deeply beneficial training course to really turbo charge your understanding of how to use Mautic in real-world situations.

There will be two sessions to accommodate timezones:

But that’s not all. By joining this training, you’ll also be contributing to the improvement of the GrapesJS builder in Mautic. All funds from the training will go towards this effort, ensuring that the builder remains a top-notch tool for marketers and businesses alike.

So don’t wait any longer. Book your spot now and take advantage of this unique opportunity to enhance your Mautic skills and contribute to the development of the GrapesJS builder. Watch Joey’s video to learn more and register today!

Here’s the link: Tickets ► The home of the official Mautic Conferences

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