Mautic and Woocommerce integration options


I was just wondering, does anyone have any recommendations for integrating Mautic and Woocommerce? Things like abandoned cart actions need to trigger follow-up campaigns from Mautic.

I have found some Woocommerce plugins. A paid one here:

and a free one here: GitHub - maxitromer/wootic: The FASTER PLUGIN to send your Woocommerce order transactions and client data to Mautic.

Then there are automation services such as Zapier and Pabbly that supposedly can link both apps.

Anyone have any experience of using either?


I have done basic integrations, all done via n8n. Looking at n8n they have nodes for both woo and mautic so I am pretty sure you can pass over all info and trigger based on most conditions.

I have also had success with wootic.

Does wootic still work for you? I had issue with wootic today - won’t install on wp

Thanks for the info @robm

It looks like wootic has not been updated for at least 3 years, which is a shame.

Looks like the linked plugin (Mautic Integration for WooCommerce | WP Swings) was initially Mautic WooCommerce Marketing Automation by Looks like they do serve some other Marketing Automation platform now.

We used it in the past - it did is job and was working fine and stable.

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Just popping in to give a plug for the course happening tomorrow!

You should take a look at Wp Fusion :+1:t5: