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Woocommerce integration?

Hi guys, somebody have integrated Mautic to WooCommerce? I need when a lead have an completed order a trigger is ejecuted and subscribe the lead to a new campaign (per product).

@Isan, how is the WooCommerce integration going? Were you able to get this up and running?

Hi guys, somebody have integrated Mautic to WooCommerce? I need when a lead have an completed order a trigger is ejecuted and subscribe the lead to a new campaign (per product).

Hi Isan

I haven’t heard of any integrations with WooCommerce yet. But, the great thing about Mautic is anyone can work on it to add this stuff and develop this feature for the community. There is a Wordpress integration which might get you part of the way there.


Great Chad. I’m not a developer. Can you recommend someone to the job?

Hi @Isan,
We’ve started some progress towards eCom Mautic add-ons/integrations.
Happy to look at a WooCommerce one as well … and can probably get a V1 done for you pretty quickly … especially if we’re just adding to campaign based on product when order is submitted successfully.
If this is what you’re after let me know and we can have a look at it for you :slight_smile:

Max, that it’s exactly what I need. Can you email me to Thanks.

Is there any update on the Woo integration?

@MaxOnTheHill I would love to hear how that plug in is going. I’m also not a Dev but if there is anything that I can do to help out please let me know.

@Tyler … we got a fair way down the track, but have stopped for now until we see what happens with .com integrations becoming available for .org installs.

There’s minimal point doing .org add-on dev, if the high value .com add-ons don’t make it to the .org community version.

If there is some option to have .org and .com add-ons available across both, then that’d be a bonus … but have no idea how any of this will work yet.

So it sounds like once again there is some confusion here and once again some wrong info. Let me see if I can set the record straight so that no one is confused in this thread. is Mautic. There is one and only one Mautic created by our community. This Mautic is free and will always be free. Mautic exists because we as a community want to completely change how everyone sees and works with marketing automation. We give our time and our energy to this effort. Every improvement made to Mautic comes because someone in the community has contributed it. There is no “better” version held somewhere else. Every company can create plugins for Mautic. These plugins can be given away, sold, or used privately for personal use. This is what makes the Mautic ecosystem an excellent place for developers and companies to build their business and service offerings. offers a few plugins that Allyde (the company providing service) has created and offers to those users working on this hosted infrastructure. This infrastructure is built on Mautic (the one and only free marketing automation software built by our community here). They have created additional plugins which may in the future be given away to anyone interested…but that will require the Mautic Marketplace which at this time is not yet available.

To be completely clear: there is no “community version” of Mautic. We have only one Mautic. And if you are interested in coding a plugin for Mautic you are free to do so. You can then keep that plugin for yourself, give it away, or sell it to others (once the Mautic Marketplace is opened). You are free to do what you want with what you create.

I hope that helps clear up the confusion. @MaxOnTheHill if you have further questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly so I can answer them for you. Hopefully this will keep any potentially misleading information from the forums. I had hoped this had been already sorted when I spoke in the Slack chat with you…apparently there’s still some confusion.

Lastly, for everyone, there’s a new forum channel entitled “Ideas” - here you can post your ideas for plugins, enhancements, integrations and more. You can also upvote those ideas you think are most important.


@lsan - looking at your original question it seems you want a Woocommerce plugin not a Mautic plugin. If you are looking for something to occur within Mautic as a result of an action taken in Woocommerce then you’d need to write a plugin for that system to push information into Mautic. Am I understanding that correct?

No confusion or misunderstanding … just need to wait until the Mautic marketplace becomes reality and also see if the .com add-ons are available for the .org self-hosted install version and vice-versa :wink: