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Hello, there is any mautic plugin that integrates woocommerce users and/or woocommerce products to mautic?

i found the way to sync users, but not products to do marketing automation and cart recovery

Thanks for the help

There was but it seems the project was abandoned like 5 years ago: GitHub - maxitromer/wootic: The FASTER PLUGIN to send your Woocommerce order transactions and client data to Mautic.

Also there is a woocommerce official one: Mautic Integration for WooCommerce | WP Swings

Guess the wootic one can be resucitated

Hi @gatoqq,

I recommend the same solution as @rcarabelli: using the WP Swings plugin. I have used it before, and it is a very comprehensive plugin for WordPress. You just need to create an API in your Mautic to use it, so there’s no need to install anything on your Mautic.

To use this plugin, you need a clean Mautic instance because it automatically creates a lot of segmentations and campaigns.

However, please note that the last version I used does not sync products or other data. It organizes your clients into categories such as big, mid, and low spenders, allowing you to target each segment with specific discounts and promotions—a very useful way to increase engagement with your clients.

I am confident that more WooCommerce plugins will be available in the near future, but at the moment, this is your best choice. Keep in mind that this plugin requires a subscription, which might be a downside, but it is totally worth it if you have a mid to large online store.

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Are you currently using or needing a similar solution?

I am currently needing a solution to fetch data from Woocommerce and send it to probably Mautic via API or similar.

My team is currently building a very simple wordpress plugin for that. The simple description of this is:

  1. Save email as it is written in checkout
  2. Then pack all lost orders and completed orders from:
  • Filled cart, non previous client, left email but didn’t press buy
  • Filled cart, non previous client, pressed buy, but for a reason the payment failed
  • Filled cart, didn’t finish the sale for any reason, maybe just filled the cart and abandoned it for 24 hours, but since is an existent client, woocommerce identifies it
  • Completed a sale and want to thank him or offer him other products, cuopons or other things
  1. Organize all that in a JSON and send it to Mautic via API

My issue is that I don’t really know what to do with that data
Probably you can help me decide that and I mean not only ideas. Say thanks, follow up, coupons, etc, are obvious things to do but have a rule set for that is the issue. Also decide if it’s important to mention products or not, maybe is good enough to send them the link to their cart to the email and just a coupon code. Unfortunately I am not a web store expert so decide exactly what to do and in which frequency is not one of my strenghts.

To add information, I was thinking about auto creating tags with the structure product-xxxxx-bought and product-xxxxx-abandoned to clients according their carts content.

This will let me send targeted offers to recover carts or have a set of rules to send related products to the ones that already bought.

But if there are too many SKUs, then maybe Mautic would be overwhelmed with all those tags.

Hi @rcarabelli

Thats great that you and your team are developing a Woocommerce plugin for Mautic. Hope it goes well!

If you need my assistance let’s talk on Mautic’s Slack!

Best regards,

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