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What is the best Woocommerce plugin for Mautic? try this

Thank you.

This is the best I will recommend to you

This plugin creates 60+ fields, like order history, RFM segmentation, shipping and billing details, and syncs them with Mautic, additionally, it creates some pre-defined segments like abandoned cart, best buyers, engaged, disengaged and others with the flexibility to create any complex segment.

With the option of 1 click sync, you can easily sync your historical data as well.

I recommend you to have a look.

All the best,

@Umakant: If you guys made better documenatation & actually responded to requests, maybe people would actually pay for it. Why not spend the time & effort to make better product & do better customer rather than spam forums

Hey @taewoo,

Our product is really easy to use and the documentation and short videos part we are almost ready to release.

Apologies if you found my suggestion as a spam in the forum, it is just an recommendation to check!

please feel free to suggest me any features in the plugin.

Thanks for your suggestions!

I think it is a bit harsh to fault someone for telling about their woo-mautic plugins in the forum. If someone works hard and makes a plugin, how else are we going to hear about it? No one is going to get rich by writing plugins for mautic.