Mautic 3 is coming!

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Here we are, already into the new year and catching up after the holidays! Over the last two months, a group of dedicated engineers have been hard at work on the next major release of Mautic, Mautic 3. Here is what to expect. Quick Links Information for developers | Information for administrators | Release timeline…


Perfect job, guys.
Underrated release.
A lot of work without majority handclap.

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I completely agree, seeing all the work going on behind the scenes on Github it has been incredible the amount of work that has gone into this release! A huge thanks to everybody who has contributed!

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So obviously this time line isn’t even close anymore. is there an updated timeline?

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Hi @gacott and welcome back to the forums!

The timeline has slipped significantly for various reasons. We’re looking at launching a second beta release ~Tuesday 21st April 2020 due to the number of bug fixes and new PR’s since the first beta.

If all goes well with the acceptance testing (which you’d be very much welcome to join with - we need as many Mautic users as possible to thoroughly test. You don’t need to even spin up an instance, we have that at we should be able to make a general release in the near future.

The more people we have helping us test the faster we ship releases. If you’d like to help with that please join #mautic-3 on Slack and say hello :slight_smile:

I have found custom plugin integration is not working in v 3.0 beta. The plugin integration popup don’t show the form not even published yes no buttons. The same code do work in 2.16, 2.15 versions.

Please take a look on Github to see if this already reported, and if not please raise an issue: