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MautiCon now officially scheduled for Nov/17 (and: WE NEED YOUR HELP !)

Dear all:

We finally fixed a date for this year’s (all-virtual) MautiCon - it’s Nov/17, 2020.
The facts so far:

  • This is the first global Mautic Conference - non-commercial, pure community
  • Main language is English, but we plan to have non-english talks as well
  • Main audiences are (existing and potential) Mautic pros, but we will have good stuff for others, too.
  • Yes, there will be sponsorship options
  • Many other ideas that are not yet finalized

Which brings us to the other half of the story: —> We need your help. <—
Again, this is a community-owned and community-organized event - which also implies that we (the community) have a lot of work to do.

Basically, this is threefold:
a) Big picture organization (e.g. “what tasks do we need to think of”)
b) Responsibility for specific tasks before and during the day (e.g. “Tools” or “Design” or “Sponsorship” or …)
c) Actual content (talks, workshops, breakout sessions, …)

For [c] we’ll of course do a separate Call for Papers, but if you are interested in helping on any of those layers, please contact me (e.g. here or, even better: on Slack) and/or join our next call (