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I received this today, perhaps we can work together to prepare some proposals for speakers at the event:


Como seguramente te habrás dado cuenta, ya estamos trabajando duro en la 7ª edición de OpenExpo Europe que se celebrara el próximo 4 junio 2020 en Madrid.

Próximamente (después de Reyes) vamos a abrir el Call For Papers para la edición 2020 así que no dudes en ir preparando tu propuesta para tenerla lista para este momento.

Por otra parte quiero aprovechar este correo para agradecer a todos los patrocinadores que nos han apoyado en las pasadas ediciones y comentar que abrimos desde hoy el periodo oficial para nuestro Call For Sponsors para la edición 2020 : Si quieres apoyar nuestro evento, no dudes en facilitar nuestro contacto a tu departamento de marketing y/o de recursos humanos para que tu empresa nos tenga en cuenta en sus presupuestos del año 2020 y pueda así participar activamente en OpenExpo Europe 2020.

¡Muchas gracias y felices fiestas!



As you may have noticed, we are already working hard on the 7th edition of OpenExpo Europe to be held on June 4, 2020 in Madrid.

Soon (mi-january) we will open the Call For Papers for 2020 edition so do not hesitate to prepare your proposal to have it ready for this moment.

On the other hand I want to thank all the sponsors who have supported us in the past editions and comment that we have opened today the official period for our Call For Sponsors for 2020 edition: If you want to support our event, do not hesitate to facilitate our contact to your marketing and / or human resources department so that your company takes into account in 2020 budgets and can actively participate in OpenExpo Europe 2020.

Thank you and happy holidays!


Hello @rcheesley,
I find this event very interesting. I usually go to OpenExpo Europe every year.

Enrique Ruiz

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That’s great to hear!

I’m hoping we can propose some sessions on Mautic and maybe tie in a Mautic Meetup and/or a sprint or something while I’m there!

Have you ever spoken at the event before?

It would be good to get insights from attendees of the kind of talks you think would be well received!

Our lead architect would be interested in speaking at OpenExpo Europe 2020 if the Mautic Community is participating. We would be pleased to submit a talk @rcheesley if there are any topic(s) we can add some input to. Our area of specialty is Linux infrastructure around deploying/scaling Mautic, for both end user organizations and agencies. When the CFP template is available, please share so we can take a look. Thanks!

That sounds great - I think the CFP is due to open ‘soon’, so will keep an eye out and let you know when I hear more!

Since there is several people, what about (besides any individual presentations) having a Mautic Panel?

Where we all answer questions from people…


Sounds like an interesting idea, what would the panel explore though? I think it would need to have a specific theme or topic to explore rather than just be about Mautic?

Some hot topics at the moment that I’m hearing about include Digital Experience, personalisation (especially with regards to GDPR), how automation can help customer success, sales and marketing all work more closely together, etc. Any thoughts?

@eruizmillan, Are the talks, presentations, etc. usually in Spanish or English?

Hi @Yosu_Cadilla, The language used for these talks is usually Spanish.

According to the 2019 programme there were both English and Spanish sessions, so I guess they denote it on the programme.

The CFP just opened:

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for speakers that want to share their vision of innovative IT technologies through the company in which they work or the use of open source tools through their personal experience in the world of IT. We want them to present how free and open source software has helped them improve their business, or explain how their companies do to face a transformation at many different levels and how open source technologies play such an important role in their evolution.

How to send us your paper proposal?

Check the methodology, criteria and deadline for submissions clicking here:

Reminder to all, there are seven days remaining before the Call for Papers closes! Let’s get some topics proposed relating to Mautic! Pinging @Yosu_Cadilla @autoize @eruizmillan

@rcheesley, just some ideas:

Building an Open Source Community from the ground up in 2020.
Building awesome digital experiences with Open Source Software.
Converting a monolithic Open Source APP into a SaaS Business.

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Are these ones you have submitted @Yosu_Cadilla or ideas you’re suggesting for others to propose?

Sorry, just ideas, I thought that was what you were asking for…
The first one is obviously for you.
Second I could try myself but you can certainly find someone better suited at Acquia.
Third one I could do myself.

Anyway, there’s the voting process, do you think we have time to get enough votes to make it to the final list or is Acquia sponsoring?

I’m in discussions about having space in their community area, as the sponsorships are all far too high for our marketing budget this year.

Given this statement:

[the organisation may] limit the proposal to maximum 2 by company / project / community

we should probably align on what sessions we’ll be sharing from the Mautic community.

I think @autoize your technical architect was up for submitting something about scaling infrastructure which might fit well in ‘Open Source Tech Talks’’? Would that be in English or Spanish? I presume that would be with the Autoize hat on, although you’d be mentioning Mautic.

@Yosu_Cadilla I think something about building a business around an Open Source product would fit well in Global vision of Open Source’ maybe? In Spanish I presume?

I could propose a talk on how data can support building, nurturing and scaling open source communities, focusing on our Community Health dashboard (built with Grimoirelab which is Open Source). I think that would fit in the ‘Global vision of Open Source’ category.

In terms of voting, I’m sure we can get some community support to boost our numbers :slight_smile:

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We are limiting business travel right now out of caution, and since the primary language of the conference is Spanish, a presentation in English would likely have more impact in a different venue. Therefore we will be passing on this CFP. Good luck and all the best to any community members who decide to submit.

Hi folks, I’ve submitted a couple of sessions. Please take a look and add your votes if you can!

Very good propolsals @Yosu_Cadilla.
I especially like:

Building awesome digital experiences with Open Source Software.

@rcheesley In OpenExpo I have not spoken before. If I have given talks at other events, for example

Open Expo is an ideal place to present in Spain, the functionalities and use of Mautic.

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