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Plugin development help

The opportunity is: Help me develop a plugin, many hours have passed and I can’t figure it out on my own :slight_smile:

It is based in: I need to create a plugin that takes a configuration value (hence it should have it’s own configuration menu) and taking that configuration value, calculate a new token to be replaced within an email. The calculated token content involves requesting an external API passing a JSON with a custom field added to a contact; the response has the token content.

Remote OK?: Of course.


To find out more: My take on it to kickstart helping me :point_right:


Trust you’re keeping good.
Surely, we can assist you on your requirements.

Please Reach me on my Email- seth@cisinlabs(dot)com, Skype - cis.seth



Thank you @seth2398. I could figure it out on my own after all.