Updating contact via /mtc/event

Maybe I don’t get it, but shouldn’t it be possible to update a contact also via call to …/mtc/event/ with parameters? I could call this URL with ID or email in parameters, but still the cookie has priority and creates a new anonymous contact - or ads to the current user in the cookie?


Are you asking about javascript tracking?

Nope. Its by calling an URL direkt:


It already creates the page hit event and ads the tag. However - not mapped to the Mautic user, but a new anonymous user.

Whats the use case? I want to send a mail within the campaign to a Mautic User to make a decision. I can easily create that URL for the button. But as long as I can’t map the call to a defined lead contact, its not working the way I thought it could :wink:

(Workaround is to call a prefilled form in kiosk mode. I’d still prefer the initial idea, as it could then directly continue in the campaign, based on the Mautic User decision.)

I think the idea is to call the tracking gif which displays the image + reads the cookie and identifies the user.

The tracking.gif definitely uses the cookie and thus its not possible to link the parameters with the concerned contact. (I tried it with the tracking.gif too.)

As far as I understand my research, the call to the …/mtc/event with parameters should work too. Just not sure, if the user should be selectable by email (or ID) via the parameter. Its not working.

The tracking.gif will update the person who opens the gif. Are you trying to update another person based on ID? Why not to make an API call?

because I looking for a low level solution, where a campaign sends a mail to e.g. a sales person for them to to a decision, which influences the campaign for a particular lead. Its not the first time this requirement comes up from my clients… It would be easy to generate this link within a simple button.

If I work with the API just for this scenario, I need to have one more active component to be setup and maintained :wink:

So did I missunderstand the Call to /mtc/event/ ? I was successful with “page_hit” and “tags”. But not with matching the contact ID / email.

(Mautic Developer Documentation)