Use single CS config during plugin dev


I am developing a plugin… and I would like to use cs fixer config from here: < mautic/.php-cs-fixer.php at f8dff820785704b24608e5c2062ef6b206635070 · mautic/mautic · GitHub > in my project and adjust the config to look just into the plugin I am developing at the moment, but I would have to maintain that.

Now I would like to use cs config from official mautic repo in a way that it looks just into my plugin folder for the duration of plugin development.

I suggest we define variable in .env file (DEV_PLUGIN_DIR) and then read it inside cs config file and if its defined we make script use only that folder in inspection, otherwise we use default $finder config.

Would you consider merging something like that, if I write it up and make a PR?

Regards, M.