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WANTED: More Mautic Conference Sessions in Portuguese!

Dear all,

For this year’s Mautic Conference Global (online, June 16-17, 2021) the call for papers has ended, and we did receive some talks Portuguese. But to have a full track in Portuguese, we need 3-4 more.

→ If you would be interested in giving a talk in Portuguese (topic anything around Mautic, of course) please see the link above for details, and contact @rcheesley or myself asap!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ekke Guembel
Mautic Open Source Project, Team Lead "Community"
Phone: +49 511 6262 9311
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Hi Ekke, it would be a pleasure but i’m a little noob in mautic, just made some tests, annd mostly it used for sending newsletter.

At the moment the only think i could think about is talking in general about where could mautic go as a product. thats kind of my thing, i’m a one man show cloud service company owner :smiley: and open source business model enthusiast.


Hi Ricardo,
Absolutely, high-level perspectives are very welcome! (In fact, I’d love to hear that talk myself, if it was in English;)