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Will Acquia put some real effort into making the community version and the community itself?

After reading this post and after looking at the Mautic Community Version activity on GitHub I am really worried about Mautic.

Of course there is some things to be moved around after the change of companies. But the biggest question is: Will Acquia put some real effort into making the community version?
Will it ever be stable? Will the community be built up again?

Answered in another thread

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Hello @michacassola,
The blog post you are referring to is a little bit old, maybe I should archive the oldest opinion posts, I didn’t do it because I think it leaves a track of what is going on in the community over time (from my perspective).

Since that post, a lot has changed, and a lot has not, at the time, the Mautic community was really facing some tough times, both the months before that post and also the months after the acquisition by Acquia.

To your question: "Will Acquia put some real effort into making the community version and the community itself? "
Acquia is nowadays putting a lot of effort into the community, specifically through the new community manager, @rcheesley (Ruth Cheesley) and especially into the conversion of the underlying framework, Symfony, and the migration from Symfony 2.x to Symfony 3.x

However, some important issues about the community governance and ownership haven’t changed a bit and we still have the same Benevolent Dictatorship, with all top positions in the governance taken by Acquia employees and not open to public election.
That said, the promise is that this will change someday too when the current leadership sees fit. Not a prospect I like, but one that a huge percentage of the community is comfortable with, and that’s what matters.

I would suggest you read my last opinion post, if you haven’t already, it will hopefully give you some pointers about the current situation:


Hi @Yosu_Cadilla, thank you so much for that clarification. Mostly I wondered because of the activity graph on GitHub that showed a steady decline in commit activity, so I wondered if the development went on. Good to know that it does, and I do hope v3 will be stable and good. :slight_smile:

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Yeah Github graphs show totals, like how many lines have been changed or how many commits have been applied. Thing is new projects, even if just a handful of people are contributing, have a huge number of new lines and commits added at first, as projects mature, it is more about fine tuning, and even with an active community of hundreds, it is normal that the lines get shorter.

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