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Would you like to contribute to the Mautic Community Blog as a writer or editor?

Would you be interested in contributing to the Mautic community blog as a writer or editor?

We are about to kick off a series of articles on how to contribute to the community and would welcome any writers who could contribute on the areas of reviewing, coding and documentation. @npracht has kindly written the first part on testing.

We would also welcome any contributions of articles you’d like to write - maybe case studies, how to, marketing/business, etc.

I’ve created an editorial calendar trello board here: - please read the ‘start here’ card and the To-do’s one before adding any suggestions. It’s public so you should be able to access it with a Trello account.

Give me a shout if you have any questions!


I can contribute! I will review he calendar…

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Wonderful to hear, great to have you on board @Urano!

I’d love to share my user experience in my Language, Portuguese, because I know there’s already a lot of content and contributors in english. I’ve been around here for a while, helped some people, so I could try to help for Portuguese-PT and BR, is that acceptable?

Thanks in advance.


@tiagorodrigues I have access to, just waiting for @rcheesley guidelines for that, like whether we will keep portuguese blog on or will be centralized on

In the meantime we can fix broken links on, I just pointed out the header menu to this forum.

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