TGIF folks! 🎉

Are you ready to make a difference and contribute to Mautic’s growth? :rocket:

It’s no secret - everyone in the Mautic Community can play a valuable part in making Mautic even more awesome, and that includes YOU! :muscle:

Every Friday we come together in the Mautic Community to test bug fixes, features, and improvements to Mautic, and work on fixing any current issues that have been reported. Other teams are also working on projects from Marketing to Education to Community! :raised_hands:

It’s a great way to give something back to Mautic, even if you only have an hour.

With the latest news about Mautic becoming an independent open-source project, we have a lot of work to do on redefining our governance model and plans for fundraising. This is your chance to have your say and get involved! :muscle:

So, what are you waiting for? Join us in Slack and let’s get started! :computer:

Don’t forget it’s not all about testing bugs and code - you can join our Marketing, Education, and Community teams to help us grow and improve Mautic. There’s something for everyone! :raised_hands:

Review and feed back on the governance model proposal

This is the highest priority right now. It’s a fundamental part of us becoming an independent open source project, and we need your views! :thinking:

Check out our :speech_balloon: forum thread where we have a proposal for the new governance model to review - please read and leave your thoughts on the sub-threads, as well as the main overview thread.

Note that it’s just as important to have you comment with a :white_check_mark: as it is for you to talk about things you think need changing. So please, leave at least one comment, even if it’s a :+1:.

Help us get the Mautic 5 release shipped

Get ready to test like a pro with Mautic’s integration with Gitpod! :muscle:

No need to worry about setting up a development environment - with Gitpod, you can test all bug fixes, features, and improvements fully in the browser. It’s quick, easy, and hassle-free! :rocket:

And if you prefer a video tutorial, we’ve got you covered! Check out our video walkthrough to get started:

But that’s not all - every single bug fix and feature in Mautic has been tested by at least two people just like you - users of Mautic who give back their time to help improve the platform. :raised_hands:

Check out our shiny new project board, especially crafted for you, to see all the fixes, features, and enhancements that need testing:

Here is a video walk through which explains how the board works:

If you need access to change things on the board, drop us a message in #t-product on Slack (get an invite at Slack) so we can get you added to the Product Team. Plus, you can even update the column on the board from directly within the pull request - how cool is that? :sunglasses:

Calling all developers

We’ve got some bugs and technical debt that need fixing and tasks that need tackling for the Mautic 5 project. :bug: :hammer:

Check out our issue queue on GitHub or the ‘To do’ column on our project board above for high priority bugs. Then, drop us a line in Slack on #t-product to find out where you can help. :muscle:

Our team of awesome mentors is ready and waiting to help you get started on a 121 basis, and make a real difference to Mautic. Let’s do this! :rocket:

Are you passionate about marketing and design? :sparkling_heart:

Join our Mautic Newsletter team and help us prepare our monthly newsletter! :newspaper:

We’ve got tons of ways you can help, from writing to creating eye-catching designs, translating, and proofreading. There’s something for everyone! :muscle:

And if you’re short on time, no worries! You can still make a huge impact by joining our newsletter review team. Check over the preview of the newsletter before we send it and provide valuable feedback, snagging those pesky typos before they land in people’s inbox and have them choking on their coffee. :clipboard: :eyes:

It’s a super quick way to contribute and highly valuable. Let us know if you’re interested in helping out! Join #wg-mautic-newsletter on Slack, and let’s get started. :rocket:

Calling all awesome content writers! :memo:

Are you bursting with marketing ideas and insights? :bulb:

We want to hear from you! Share your knowledge and passion with the Mautic community by writing about marketing, Mautic, or any related topics. :loudspeaker:

Don’t worry if you’re not a professional writer - we’ve got you covered! We can help with proofreading and editing, and we even have some topics in mind if you need inspiration. :pencil:

Join us in #t-marketing on Slack and let’s collaborate on creating amazing content that will benefit the entire Mautic community. :rocket:

Where’s our review writers at? :star_struck:

Hey there, Mautic enthusiasts! :wave:

We need your help to spread the word about Mautic and attract more users to our amazing platform. :rocket:

If you love Mautic and want to share your experience with others, we would be thrilled if you could leave a review on either G2 or Trust Radius. :star2:

Your honest feedback really helps others who are considering whether to use Mautic, and it’s a great way to support our community. Plus, it only takes a few minutes! :watch:

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s show the world how awesome Mautic is! Leave a review on G2 or Trust Radius today and help us grow. :muscle:

Who doesn’t love a great Wikipedia page? Ours is MIA! :sob:

We’ve got an exciting opportunity for experienced Wikipedia editors to help us create our very own Mautic Wikipedia page. :star_struck:

We know how important it is to have a Wikipedia page to showcase our amazing platform, but we need your help to make it happen. :pray:

If you’re an experienced Wikipedia editor and want to make a real difference to the Mautic community, we’d love to have you on board. :muscle:

Join us in #t-marketing on Slack and let’s work together to create an awesome Wikipedia page that will benefit the entire Mautic community. :rocket:

Don’t miss out on this chance to show off your skills and contribute to a great cause. See you on Slack! :computer:

Helping people to get started with Mautic :mortar_board:

We’re on the lookout for talented writers to help us create amazing content for our Knowledgebase. :books:

We already have the KB in English, German, and Portuguese :earth_africa:, but many of the articles haven’t been translated yet, and we want to expand and add more languages! Your help can get us there and make it easier for people to learn how to use Mautic. :muscle:

We’re specifically looking for articles to support the Mautic 5 release which explain transactional vs marketing emails and best practices on email deliverability. :email:

If you’re passionate about email marketing and want to share your knowledge with others, join us in #t-education on Slack and let’s get started. :rocket:

Don’t worry if you’re not a professional writer - we’ll help you every step of the way. Check out our guide on how to write articles as a starting point: How to contribute to the Knowledge Base - Knowledge Base

Together, we can create an awesome Knowledgebase that will benefit the entire Mautic community. Let’s do this! :muscle:

:ring_buoy: Translators needed!

We’ve got an exciting project in the works, and we need your help to make it happen. :rocket:

We’re planning to make our new end-user documentation available in several languages, but we can’t do it without you. :pray:

We’ve already got Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and Spanish in progress, and Italian is about to start. But we need both translators and reviewers to make sure everything is accurate and easy to understand. :writing_hand:

And don’t worry, it’s all done through our existing translation platform, Transifex. If you’re already on the translating team, then you can jump right in! :muscle:

But if you’re not, no problem! Just drop us a message and let us know your username, and we’ll send you an invite. :envelope_with_arrow:

Let’s work together to make our end-user documentation accessible to everyone, no matter what language they speak. Join us and let’s get started in #t-education on Slack! :computer:

Community’s the heart of everything! :heartbeat:

Mautic Conference Global is just around the corner! :face_with_peeking_eye:

Have you heard the news? Mautic Conference Global is back and better than ever! :tada:

We need your help to make it a huge success. We’re building a team to support the event, and we’re looking for talented and enthusiastic people to join us. :muscle:

Whether you’re a design whiz or just starting out, we’ve got a role for you. Check out the tasks we need to fill here:

And if you’re passionate about design and want to help us create amazing visuals for the event, join our Design Team led by the talented @sdoering.

We need help with everything from backdrops for the reception area to images for ads, badges for attendees, and much more! :art:

Check out the tasks here:"Design"%20AND%20project%3D"MCON"

We’ll also need some video editing wizards to help with post-processing, so let us know if you’re up for that! :mage: :video_camera:

Join us in #mauticon on Slack and let’s make Mautic Conference Global the best one yet! :rocket:

Growing Mautic in your area :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to connect with other Mauticians in your area? :earth_americas:

Organizing a local meetup or event is a fantastic way to meet new people, share knowledge, and have a great time. And we want to help you make it happen! :muscle:

Whether you’re a seasoned event organizer or just starting out, we’d love to hear from you. We can help you get started, provide tips and tricks, and even connect you with other Mauticians in your area. :sparkles:

Think about it - you could meet new friends, learn new skills, and make a real difference to the Mautic community. Plus, it’s a great excuse to have some fun! :partying_face:

So, what are you waiting for? Join us in #t-community on Slack and let’s get started. :rocket:

Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a big event, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Let’s make it happen, Mautic community! :raised_hands:

Can’t give time? No problem!

We need your help, and we need it now. :stopwatch:

If you can’t give time or resources, there’s another way you can contribute - financially. And it’s more urgent than ever. :money_with_wings:

As an open source project, we rely on the generosity of our community to keep Mautic running smoothly and improving every day. But we can’t do it without your support. :pray:

By donating to Mautic, you’re not just helping us - you’re helping the entire community. Your contribution will go towards improving the platform, creating new features, and supporting our amazing team of developers, designers, and contributors. :muscle:

So, if you’re able to give financially, please consider donating to Mautic today.

You can find us on Open Collective and GitHub Sponsors - every little bit helps! :raised_hands:

Let’s work together to keep Mautic thriving and growing. Thank you for your support, Mautic community! :heart: