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3.1.1 Released

We have just released the latest bugfix release for Mautic, 3.1.1.

This fixes :beetle:15 bugs :beetle: - a big thank you to everybody who has contributed to this release by fixing bugs and testing patches.

A special thank you to Release Lead @m.abumusa and Deputy Release Lead @dennisameling for all their work in getting this release out today.

To read more about the fixes in this release please check the release notes:

The next release will be 3.1.2 on 26th October - want to help get as many fixes as possible into that release?

Drop us a message on Slack (get an invite at and join #t-product) - we need developers, testers and users of Mautic to make the release happen, even if you can only spare an hour a week it would be super appreciated!