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Your chance to make Mautic even more awesome in the 3.3.2 community sprint today!

:mega: Hey folks! Today is the last day of our community sprint to prepare the 3.3.2 release candidate. Join us in Slack (get an invite at if you are not there already!) in #t-product.

:muscle: We need your help with testing bug fixes, adding tests to existing PR’s, and helping to fix outstanding issues. Even if you only have an hour or two we could really do with your help!

:email: For this release we are focusing on issues which are related to email - we have decided to make a focus for each release going forward to give us more direction with our release process. This does not mean that we will not consider other fixes which do not relate to that theme if they are ready to merge, more that we are specifically trying to be more laser-focused on one area for a particular release.

:mag_right: We have prepared a doc here which will be a rolling doc - as we complete each sprint we will archive off the notes from that release at the bottom of the doc and the next release will rise to the top.

:female_detective: You will find the key dates for the release, PR’s that we need to test or update, and issues which we want to prioritise for fixing.

:rocket: Now that we have DDEV quick start it is super-mega-easy to spin up a local instance for testing (we can get you set up super quick, just ask!) and using the Github CLI it is super easy to apply a pull request locally (and we can also always use!) but if you are completely new and have never done any testing before we will have people on hand to help you get set up so please just :raising_hand: raise a hand and ask for help!

Looking forward to blasting through some of these :bug: and making Mautic even more awesome with you all! :tada: