About Base64

We send out newsletter weekly and last week we decided to switch over to Base64. Reason for switching over because majority of our subscribers are our organization members which all use Outlook and Outlook intends to disable images due to tracking pixel which is to be expected.

With Base64, it loads all images which it great but it still prompt users to download image due to tracking pixel which is fine as long regular images are loaded upon arrival to their inbox.

Today after our recent newsletter sent out, we are getting information from few of our subscribers that they are seeing about 120 attachments. We inquired which email client etc and it turn out they are using online gmail then when we ask which browser, they haven’t gotten back to us with the answer yet.

We know Base64 is sort of an attachment however we have like total of 7 images in email which is only one header and rest are a small logo and small social icons.

We are going to look to see what can cause it to display 120 attachments and we wanted to ask in here what should we ask them and what to look for while investigating this strange 120 attachments occurrence so any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

We will be sure to post results if we discovered any on here.

We believe we discovered it and we posted about it on github