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Add New Custom Bundle

How to add new custom bundle in mautic?

How to add new custom bundle in mautic?

Sorry for bother you mate, but i completed follow this link.
My requirement is add social post in Facebook.
i was stuck in generate entity and entities , i can’t also use
generate entity command of doctrine, how to connection with database ,
how to generate form.

and also sorry about post 1 question.

Thanks in advance

Hey dude, take a look at how the core Mautic bundles does it. I’ve never tried to use the doctrine generators.

Thanks mate for your support, but i had stuck very much in put core mautic bundle, because of multiple inheritance, realtionships or form designs. if you had created demo bundle in mautic or possible, then send me zip of it.
my email id is

Thnaks in advance

Take a look at this one:

Ok, i saw that demo. so, according to your suggestion if we want to add new bundle then it works as plugin and put into PluginBundle. For example, if i add 1 social post bundle then it added to PluginBundle and if successfully added in plugin then where it display in menu.

and also 1 question when bundle is create successfully and we use facebook on it , then when 3rd party tool put in bundle.


And also query in add new button.
if i have add new button then i have to set create permissions. but. it can’t be allowed to set permission.
then how it works?