Adding only inserted contact to a different segment


while adding contact most of the contacts are already in the contact

is there a way that I can add only inserted contacts in to a different segment in a single command

Thanx in advance

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Plz define 'Intersted"

  • number of page views?
  • certain page views?
  • email opens?
  • links clicked?
  • number of visits?
  • email recieved?

i am talking about when we import contacts some records are [ Inserted ] and some records are [ Updated ]

some records are already there and so duplicate records are updated

so I want only those records which are inserted to put in a different segment and not updated records

You can make the email field a unique identifier, then contact will not duplicate and you can create segments with some filters and then when you run command to update segments, then contact will automatically come in segments.

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big thanx brother…

sorry i read it late…

i will surely try this