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API never worked

I’m feeling frustrated. It’s the third time I try to use mautic api and I just can’t. Please help me. :frowning:

First, get accessToken are painful, not because it’s hard to do (every oAuth process are the same), but because all code samples (from mautic github repo, from mautic blog) don’t work as expected. It is full of gotchas, I don’t know why.

Ok. Now I overcame the accessToken challenge and when I try to call api/contacts using the api-library, $contactApi->getList(); I stuck on:

Looks like I encountered an error (error #404). If I do it again, please report me to the system administrator!

On server site I have no logs.

Do you can help-me with it?

It will be a dream when I see it running like expected! :smiley:

After search little more, I clear the cache on server and it works.

Why not change the 404 error message to some like clear your cache folder, it may solve many problens…?

@tiagogouvea you getting this error while installting mautic?