Bounce Email via SNS email & API Dosent seems to work , any help is appreciated

Your software
My Mautic version is:3.3.0
My PHP version is: 7.4.14

Your problem
My problem is: Bounce emails via SES and SNS , cant get it make it work

So am using SES for blasting out the emails.
Have created SNS for bounce email, Created subscription for both email and https.
Email: subscription confirmed
Https: https://domainname/mailer/amazon/callback
cant confirm it , it sent waiting for confirmation and no errors on cloud watch and cant confim it.

when the email gets bounced , the email SNS is sending the bounce email to the same email am sending thro. I have rule to move it bounces folder. which i have configured on the bounce settings on the Mautic. Tested the configuration. The mails are getting read by the system on the folder. but the bounced email contacts and not getting marked as bouced or do not email or anythignin the mautic.
How to make the bounce work either ways?

Are you using API or SMTP to connect?
Maybe this helps:

am using Other SMTP smtp and configured SES to send out the email.


After this i change this to Use Amazon SES API

now am getting 400 bad request error

i guess thats ok

finallyl got it working

thanks for the lead