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Bugs with Mautic 3 Cron jobs

There are some issues with the cron jobs in the alpha version.
Can any devs confirm whether the transition to the bin/console path for cron jobs has been completed or not? From what we can tell, the console is still located at app/console in 3.0.0-alpha.

sudo -u apache php bin/console mautic:segments:update
Could not open input file: bin/console

Until we downloaded the composer.json file from the 3.x branch on GitHub, ran a composer install, cleared the cache a few times, running the cron jobs from the old path was not working either.

sudo -u apache php app/console mautic:segments:update

 [WARNING] Some commands could not be registered:

In getTransifex_FactoryService.php line 8:

  Class 'RicardoFiorani\GuzzlePsr18Adapter\Client' not found

In getTransifex_FactoryService.php line 8:

  Class 'RicardoFiorani\GuzzlePsr18Adapter\Client' not found

Also, the new file uploader is not in 3.0.0-alpha yet. It is still ckeditor.

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I believe this has been reported on Github here: - please add any further details/comments there!