Cache Frozen


I noticed that my cache does not clear.
My caching interval is set to 10 minutes, but every time I have to delete the cache folder to see any leads on the dashboard page.

Then if I go into “Contacts” I don’t see anything, despite the fact that the dashboard says there are 40 Contacts.

Not sure what is going on…

I am running a standard Bitnami stack installation.
I have the mautic tracking script before the closing body tag on my website.

@tdlabs set up a cron jobs for deleting cache , that way you dont need to do it manually.

@MxyzptlkFishStix exactly what that i meant.

I think I will set up the cron to delete the cache. A bit dissappointed that the cache timeout does not work. I would naturally expect that to work properly.

Thank you for the help guys!