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Cache issue

How to turn off cache in mautic?

How to turn off cache in mautic?

Which cache are you wanting to turn off? If you’re referring to app/cache, you can’t. It’s tied into the Symfony framework Mautic is built on and Symfony is quite married to it.

Ok thankz mate
But, Is there any setting to turn off the mautic cache?

Which cache are you referring to?

When we change anything in mautic , everytime we clear the app/cache.
so, Is there any setting in mautic to change automatically in browser without clearing cache?

Normal use of Mautic shouldn’t require that you have to manually clear app/cache. Only time the cache needs to be manipulated is on an upgrade, if you hack code, or if saving the Configuration. In the case an upgrade or Configuration save, Mautic will refresh the necessary files. The cache is a Symfony thing so there’s no turning it off.

Ok mate.
Thanks for your support.