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Can't select other Languages than Engllish - United States

Hi everybody,
at the “Configuration”-Page I can’t select another Default language than “English - United states”.
In the Logfiles I can find the following entry:

“mautic.ERROR: An error occurred while attempting to fetch the language list: Failed connect to; Connection refused”

The Mautic Server is behind a Proxy so I put

ProxyRemote *

To my apache config file. I disabled the firewall and SELinux (It’s a redhat Linux). If I run wget as apache user

sudo -H -u apache bash -c ‘wget

there is no error, but the above mentioned Log-Entry still appears if I want to change the language. Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.

Or, as a workaround, could you please tell me how to manually add the german Translation?


you can find link - just copy/paste in browser