Changes to Mautic Docs about Update via composer

I think documentation is part of development, thats why I post it here.
I ran through the documentation of the update process for composer based instances:

Here is my feedback:

Part “Follow the steps below to update your core files.”

  1. Is clear and its working.
  2. No clue, contains not enough information for the average trained and technically interested Mautic user.
  3. and 4. same as 2.
  4. those steps are partly wrong or dangerous:
1. bin/console cache:clear
2. bin/console mautic:update:apply --finish
3. bin/console doctrine:migration:migrate --no-interaction
4. bin/console doctrine:schema:update --no-interaction --force
5. bin/console cache:clear
  1. works fine
  2. error “You have Composer updates enabled. This means that you can only update Mautic through the ‘composer update’ command” … sounds to me like wrong step for this setup.
  3. ran through
  4. not sure, if that should really be forced? also see this warning: “[CAUTION] This operation should not be executed in a production environment!” So what to do in a production environment?
  5. as step 1, ok

Could maybe an experienced developer have a look about the documented upgrade path? It should be intended for production and be better understandable.

Which way can we update docs as contribution?

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Not sure if those recommendations have been taken into consideration as well: We need some clear composer update instructions