Changing css file

Hi everyone. Im new in Mautic development and Im still learning what is where and what I can do, so I need your help with this.

Im working with Mautic 5.0 and I have made some modification on /var/www/html/mautic5/media/css/libraries.css. I didnt went through complete file but I could see that its created from several different css files. I guess that either Gulp or Webpack or some other tool is used to combine and minimized css files into libraries.css.

My question is can I just alter that file without making some problem? I tries to find some “source” files to change them but I failed. Thank you

Ouh I forgot to say that Im working on the issue from, so this css change will go to PR later. Thank you

Hey there! Thanks for helping out working on one of the issues!

Indeed Grunt is used to compile so changes will be overwritten in the future if they’re made in Core.

Have you checked out the docs here:

This might help you with getting started?

You’ll find the less files within the relevant bundle - for example:

Thank you, I will check this :+1: