Client support email handeing (Case manegment)

How to handle support emails? When I have and client send about something to that email, create a token then send auto reply to client with token number.

Token number means case number or ticket number.

Also, can I set that email’s status like solved or not etc?

It probably can be done using Mautic Monitored email box and some custom integration with your ticketing system.

I have seen this happening with Forms.

how to add custom integration?

Depends on your situation, more often then not this means using mautic plugin that already exists to connect the system together or writing up your own plugin.

In general if the external system has some sort of api you are able to integrate it with mautic.

If the customer replies to, then the ticketing software should be monitoring, and it is also responsible for creating the new ticket and sending a reply with the ticket information. We do this with Zendesk and Hesk without any issues. Or am I missing something?

Well, Mautic is not a ticketing system.
This feels like using Word for database management.
Possible, but need a bunch of workarounds.

What you mentioned is totally possible, but you need an SMTP to process the emails and hook it up to Mautic to give intelligent answers.

yeah I need that feature in Mautic