Cloning an Install?

Is there a way to clone an install (i.e. the campaigns, emails, etc)? I would like to make “copies” of those things from one install to another. I don’t wish to keep any contacts, etc.

Thanks much!

If you use lxd containers, then you just need to copy the container overwrite the domain related mysql and config entries, and you are done.

Do you want to clone an entire Mautic setup and move it to a new server, or just clone the emails, campaigns etc and move those.

I have my mautics on a VPS and to clone, I take an image of the VPS and use that to spin up an new mautic on a new VPS. Then I edit the mautic.conf file and the local.php file to reflect the details of the new mautic (new domain etc).

This would bring over all the emails, contacts etc which you would need to clean out, or have a master mautic that is clean, which you clone each time.

@joeyk idea for the marketing automation show. Tutorial on how to move just campaigns, emails, segments (empty but with filters) to a new mautic, if that is even possible?

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I have a course on this coming up. Its a 2 hour training


Great question! I would like to create on my own hosting account a complete all-in-one starter install of Mautic. This would include some basic campaigns too. I would like to clone that and be able to “move” it to the hosting account of other companies where the hosting company may not be the same as mine.

This could save much time (I hope). Then I would get to work tweaking the settings (email, etc) and the campaigns.

The goal is to save as much time as possible with the redundant things!

Yes Yes Yes! to the show idea!

Taking an image of a VPS with starter Mautic and creating a new VPS with the same host is usually as simple as few clicks, or submitting a ticket and asking your host to do it for you. I have a system set up with that pretty much spins up a new Mautic based on an image with 1 click, but within my hosting environment.

Moving to a new host is possible but will require some advanced skills but very possible.

Advanced skills … such as changing things on the sql database?

I am afraid I don’t posses those advanced skills so can’t comment further. I suspect t would be messing with mautic config and server settings rather the DB. But I run out of talent at this point.

Mautic is a pretty striaghtforward application in terms of how it looks at the machine level. It’s just some files and a database. We created a backup script that creates an archive of the file tree, crontab, dump of the database and rolls that up, encrypts it, and pops it on some cloud storage.

This can be downloaded to any machine, anywhere, and the reverse process applied to ‘clone’ the original Mautic install.

LXD and VPS images are great and really easy because they rake everything with them, but they are not necessarily so easy when the underlying environment may have changed.

I found LXC expecially felxible when it comes to underlying infrastructure, as the contaner carries the whole DB. I can just copy the whole thing and keeps working on an other server with another distro.
Regarding VPS images - I have no good experience.

Hi Mike, perhaps you can use (parts) from my Mautic “1 command install script” for your case. You can download it at and then have a look at it. If you start it at a fresh linux vpn machine with ubuntu, installs everything what mautic needs. It first uses the linux command “sed” to search & replace fro example the Mautic-domain in a .seq-template file, which i created using the “mysqldump-command”. Then it imports the changed template and uses “sed” again to change some mautic-config files.

You can also have a look at my video from the mauticon 2022, where i explained my script: Mautic "1 command install script" for non technician - Matthias Reich - YouTube

Currently it still uses php 7.3. After mautic 5 has been released i will update my script so that it uses the newest version.

I use a similar way to setup wordpress & mautic accounts for my customers, to offer things like you descibed with “complete all-in-one starter”.

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