Cloudflare Turnstile Frictionless (CAPTCHA)

Integrating Cloudflare Turnstile into Mautic would provide significant benefits for users, including enhanced security and improved lead capture capabilities. Turnstile’s customizable captcha system can prevent spam submissions and protect against brute-force attacks, while its multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to user accounts.

Additionally, Turnstile’s flexible form builder can help streamline the lead capture process by allowing users to create custom forms with conditional logic and personalized messaging. Overall, integrating Turnstile would be a valuable addition to Mautic’s feature set, providing users with powerful tools to enhance their marketing efforts.

For an experience developer it would be around 10 minutes of time if you have Google reCaptcha already included in your code to add Turnstile integration.

Turnstile Documentation

Migration from reCaptcha

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I think it’s a good one.
There already is a recaptcha plugin, you probably want to drop by @johnwick.

Who knows, maybe KonstantinCodes is interested in making a version of his plugin for Turnstile!?

Here’s a good video about it?

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Thanks Yosu!

I was able to use that plugin and make it work with Turnstile.
Screenshot 2023-05-01 at 9.15.46 PM

Line 45 recaptcha.html.php

<script src="" async defer></script>

Line 20 RecaptchaClient.php

    const VERIFY_URL = '';

It has to be on v2 to work.

Also, there’s missing variables to select: Day, Night, or Auto theme. I’ll work on adding that, plus stripping out the other v3 code, etc. in a bit and toss it up on Github once I’m happy with it.


Great, let us know if you need any help with the plugin or creating the repo and PR.
Or if you do not have the time, let me know too, I would probably want to continue your work.

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This is great. Is it also maybe GDPR compatible?

I think it is, so say the guys in the video…