How can i add Google recaptcha in Mautic Form?

I am getting very spam submission on my Mautic Form thats why i want to add captcha on my form to prevent spam. How i can add this?

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Hi @maemoon, did you try the honey pot technique?

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Try to add this, it works great:

it doesnt work for me on version 2.15.1, is it compatible? cant see the plugin in my dashboard Ive followed the installation guide without success so far, any tips?

Did you add the Mautic 2 version?

Hi Joey

I also installed the Recaptcha plugin and followed all instructions and renamed the directory afterwards, no cache/prod directory , one cache under var/cache but empty no prod directory. I’m running Mautic 3.2.5 and installed the : mautic 3 & 4: []. When I go in the Mautic dashboard I don’t see the Recaptcha directory even by clicking: Install/upgrade it says 0 plugin installed or updated? Any ideas? Thanks