Coming issue in encryption in email settings

if i use port 25 then it works but coming issue with port 587 and 465 and both the ports are listening

What is your version?

mautic version

i have also check this issue by downgrading the php version but still issue is same

I have seen this error before.
The problem was, that altough Mautic was trying to connect with TLS, the Postfix on the other side was not able to communicate properly. I could never solve it. But the same Mautic worked with any other postfix perfectly together.

so could you please tell me how can i solve this issue in mautic as i am using cyber panel for this and not able to understand the issue

As in cyberpanel if i am using webmail that is working perfectly for both incoming and outgoing mail service

This is rather a cyberpanel issue. They have an excellent community and forum, I’m sure they can help.

Please do remember to share here when you found a solution so that it can help others.

I am facing the same problem that this person has mentioned but didn’t find any solution for this

could you guys please help as in cyberpanel there is no option available for disble or enable SMTP restriction