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Community Forums cannot be found under "Community" on

I went to to find these forums. Then I looked all over the “Community” menu, which would be a very sensible place to put the link to the Community Forums. But it’s not there! By mere accident, I eventually found it under “Support” instead.

It might make sense to have it in both places.

Hey there!

Thanks for the suggestion! What pages do you think we should add the links to the forums on? Or do you mean having a separate menu item going direct to the forums?

Yeah, an item in the menu is what I meant. Like this:

Incidentally, “About Mautic” seems out of place in that menu; I would expect this to be under Documentation, or perhaps even as a top-level menu item.

Yeah, we are somewhat limited right now as we can only show a max of 6 items on menus. We have an open issue for this to be addressed but it hasn’t been fixed yet. Hence why there are some things in strange places.

We are in the process of creating a website working group to look into things like this - would you be interested in getting involved?

That’s not for me, sorry :slight_smile:

No problems, thanks for taking the time to report it!