Community Team Meeting Agenda: 27th November 2019

Hi folks,

Given the short notice for today we have opted to set the first meeting date a little further ahead, and to share an agenda below for others to provide input into.

The next meeting will be:
:calendar: 27th November 2019 at 0900hrs GMT (see in your timezone)

You can join the call via this link:

Proposed Agenda

  1. Set date for next meeting & Introductions
  2. What happened so far
  3. Simplified Governance model
  4. Review of Team document (mission, areas of work, sample tasks, interconnection to other teams)
  5. Tools for this team (Task management, Forum, Slack, …)
  6. Process for determination of team leads
  7. First work items

Please comment below if you are intending to join the call, propose changes to the agenda if you feel there are other topics to discuss, etc.

I’ll make this post editable as a wiki so that anybody can make changes.

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27 November 2019 / at 09:00 GMT = 27 November 2019 GM+7 at 16:00 (04:00PM)

Yes indeed.

The timezone tool shows the meeting time across multiple timezones and will automatically detect your local timezone when you hit the page and present a popup telling you what date/time the meeting is in your timezone, I believe - which is what your screenshot shows?

Or are you saying there’s a problem with it?

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Thanks to everybody who joined the meeting! Here’s the notes, and the recording if you want to catch up:

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 4th December at 9am London time (in your timezone here)

Note we discussed having alternate meetings later in the day, to facilitate other timezones joining in. We plan to alternate meetings between the morning/evening.

The link in your post to Google Drive does not show any file in the folder ?

How weird! There’s a Google Doc and a recording file! Just checked incognito and I can see them, did you refresh the browser?