Calendar for Team Meetings

I’ve proposed regular meeting times for Community teams and have created a public Google Calendar which will have all the team/working group meetings on it.

You can subscribe at the bottom right of the page.

Mautic Community Events Calendar

If the meetings change for any reason, I will update this calendar.

Once we have team leads I will add them as editors to the calendar so they can manage the relevant calendar entries.

Asynchronous Meetings

We are trialling asynchronous meetings on Slack, where people can respond to the agenda topics in threaded replies. Notes will then be exported to Google Docs and the Community Forums. Meeting times will also alternate between morning and evening (UK time) to accommodate as many timezones as we can.

The last two meetings of the month for each team (one in the morning and one in the evening) will be voice calls using Jitsi and will be recorded as currently is the practice, with the recording being uploaded to Google Drive.

Any questions feel free to ping me!

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