Composer Setup for Mautic 5 Now Needs NPM

Thanks for your detailed answer.

Tangential issue: NPM build process is resource hungry

The thing I am wondering:

Is it really necessary that Mautic requires the “end user” to run NPM?

I’m sure that utilizing NPM is a great step forward and makes Mautic more reliable and secure.

However, I believe one could argue that NPM might be burden for end users/installers.

And I don’t think they need to bear it.

My suggestion is simple: Could we/Mautic consider providing pre-generated assets for release versions of Mautic?

That way:

  • Assets are built using NPM.
  • Pre-built assets are shipped during installation.
  • No need to run NPM during installation.
  • If you need to update your assets you can install and run the NPM processes on your web server anyways.


  • For users who aren’t familiar with NPM or (more importantly) don’t have access tho NPM for some reason, shipping pre-generated assets can make the installation process much smoother.

  • By removing the need to run NPM during setup, we lower the barrier to entry. This means more people can use Mautic.

Would this be feasible?